Share your notes with friends and family, and invite others to collaborate on select notes. To recover a deleted note, go to the Folders list and tap Recently Deleted. Tap the note that you want to keep, tap in the note, then tap Recover. Tap the Lock Screen with your Apple Pencil and create your […]

Here is how to recover Notepad unsaved Windows 10/11. Notepad is a simple basic text editor in Microsoft Windows 10. It enables computer users to write short documents, and make important quick notes in plain text, so images are not compatible. An integrated development environment is a software application that helps programmers to develop software […]

Unfortunately, the straight-up answer is “no.” This is because the Notepad ++ is an open-source project that originally caters to the Windows operating system. If you are a fan of Night Shift or True Tone on your Apple devices, you can get a version of that in the form of a desk light with the […]

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